Winter Weather Home Safety Tips


With temperatures dipping down below freezing this week and the threat of snow, ice and a wintry mix in the forecast for our area- now is the time in prepare your home for what mother nature may have in store!  Freezing pipes are a common occurrence in southern homes, since many are not built for extreme cold.  By following a few simple steps you can protect yourself and your home, not to mention potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars in costly repairs.


  1. Keep the heat at 55 degrees or higher, even when you’re out of town. It will help prevent frozen pipes and water damage to your home.
  2. Know the locations for your shutoff valves so you know where to go to turn off your water should a pipe burst.
  3. Open the kitchen and bathroom cabinets- this allows the warm air to circulate around the plumbing.
  4. If water supply lines are in the garage—keep the garage closed!
  5. Turn on both hot and cold faucets near the outside walls (where it’s most likely to be colder) and allow a small trickle of water to run at night.
  6. Wrap your pipes in insulation (foam tubes). This will help those pipes that are close to the outside walls, attics or crawl spaces to decrease the chances of freezing.
  7. Disconnect all the outdoor hoses and turn off the water that flows from exterior faucets and sprinkler systems.
  8. Leave the heat on and drain your water system before you go away from home. It will decrease the chances of seal air leaking around the pipes.