“I definitely owe you a lunch sometime! You are awesome!”

Ann Floyd
Sortimo of North America

“I appreciate all you have done for us over the last couple of years. If we decide to start up again we will be sure to give you a call.”

Steve Zdanko
Primo Italian Ice, LLC

“Thank you SO much! You’re the best!”

Danae Brewster
Premier Logic

“You rock… thanks so much!!”

Brittany Johnson
One Point Technologies, Inc.

“I just wanted you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the years. You have helped me tremendously with so many things. You are one sharp lady and I appreciate everything you have done to help me! Brenda Wood will be taking over for me and I am sure she will be calling from time to time. Thank you again for all that you do!”

Lynda Byrd
CMO Enterprises, Inc.

“Thank you for taking such great care of us!”

Brian Warren
Custom Disposal Service, Inc.

“Thank you, I feel like we have a partner for our insurance needs. Thanks again for all you do.”

Kathleen Narayanan
Telliant Systems

“You are the BEST!”

Les Clark
Whitestone Spray, LLC dba Groundcover Solutions

“Don’t know what I’d do without you getting me out of trouble!”

Sherry Karter
Peachtree Publishers

“Thanks for all your help once again Wendy.”

Wes Ardiel
Jeffries Machine Company

“You Go Robert – Wow I love my insurance guy, you are awesome!! I’ve completed the information and we’re meeting this week! thank you thank you.”

Sandy Greene

“I have been truly bless to have people you to come into the path of my life. “

“Dee” Parlier

“We have worked with Mack Ward of Assure South for many years and couldn’t be more pleased with the products and services he and his team provide. Their professionalism and level of service is world class – second to none. Mack is one who listens to his customers, understands their needs and provides just the right guidance.”


Alan Martin
Sr. Vice President, Community Journals

“A&E Engineering, Inc. has been working with Mack and his team at AssureSouth for many years.  They are very responsive to our requests, and work diligently to meet our needs.  I would recommend AssureSouth to any company looking for a strong partner to advise them on employer benefits.  “

Virginia Sims
A& E Engineering

“I am very thankful for the Commercial CE courses offered by Assure Alliance and taught by Pam Horner. I am normally not very excited about taking an entire day to listen to CE courses. However, the material we went over directly applied to my day to day function. I have a new confidence and a better understanding of this exposure.”

Miles Merwin
Greenville, SC

“Tell your boss that the reason I stay is because you just awesome at taking care of these kind of problems day in and out. Most just take my money and won’t return a email till I’m screaming in their ear.”

Steve Leamy
Jones Electronics