Life can turn on a dime

Life can be unexpected. You have have no idea when you'll "need" insurance. Besides the emotional loss, there are financial losses as well. This life insurance calculator will help determine how much insurance you need to insure your family will be taken care of.


Step 1 - Enter your family income:

Estimating a family's income need is often difficult to do. To determine the amount needed, use seven times your adjusted gross income as a rule of thumb.

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Step 2 - College Cost:

Money needed for your children to attend college. Today's average cost for a four-year public college is $43,561. Multiply this cost by the number of children.

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Step 3 - Debt:

When someone dies, all their personal debt becomes payable, such as car loans, credit cards, personal loans, and medical expenses. How much would it take to pay off this amount?

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Step 4 - Mortgage Balance:

When the husband or wife passes away, it is advisable to pay off the home to relieve the surviving spouse of any mortgage. This allows the family to adjust from a loss without adding the burden of relocating because they can't pay the mortgage.

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Step 5 - Funeral Expenses:

The current average funeral expense is $10,000, and this often does not include a grave plot or a grave marker.

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Amount of coverage needed to protect your family:

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